If you were looking for one of the web sites formerly hosted by 舌 you will have to check back later. Web sites operated by Bob will be reactivated soon. Web sites operated by others will be reactivated on their schedule.
舌 died. Lingua is taking over for some of the functionality. Since lingua is a slicehost and serving multiple users on a slicehost presents certain logistical challenges I am not willing to tackle not all of 舌's functionality will be migrated.

User files on 舌 were not backed up (I was not comfortable with keeping copies of user files with random contents on my home computers).

If you had a web site hosted by 舌 you will need to find a new home for it. Lingua has no facilites for file uploads by users other than thoth.

If you had a mail account on 舌 you will need to find a new mailbox. I can forward from your old address to your new address.

Mailing lists managed by majordomo should be working.

DNS should be working. If you would like to migrate to a new DNS server (which is different than changing your DNS registrar) I will do everything I can to make a smooth transition.

contact Bob

AIM: mutantbob666

the domain is not for sale.

incident log

kernel upgrade complications resulted in a couple of hours of downtime.
software upgrades crippled the mail system. Should be sorted out now.